Claire Bulman

Rapid Transformational Therapist & Performance Coach
London | Essex | Worldwide

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Don’t wait for positive change to come knocking on your door, make it happen today.

Embrace yourself through self-discovery and achieve your goals without compromising.

Mindsets Matter

At Claire Bulman, we know full well the impact a negative outlook can have on your progress.

If you’re constantly overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts that get you down and impede your performance, let our transformational therapy and coaching sessions transform your perspective.


How can we help you?

Shed the fear

Develop a practical goal achievement strategy

Form lasting relationships

Elevate your performance

Master the art of contentment

Our Services/Solutions


Don’t put your dreams on the back burner!

If you’ve been unhappy with how things are lately, don’t just give in. We all need a little extra help sometimes and that’s okay. Claire Bulman coaching ensures that you’re able to recognize the reasons for your distress and tackle them the right way.

While you may not be able to figure out what exactly holds you back, Claire’s years of expertise can provide you with the answers you seek. To top it off, our coaching regime is built on effective strategies that don’t take too long to show results.

Rapid Transformational Therapy

With RTT Therapy, you can let go of limiting perspectives by tracing the root of the issue.

Claire Bulman helps you understand your subconscious self on a deeper level so you can unlearn damaging behaviours and gain a sense of clarity. Through rapid transformational hypnotherapy, you will get to the root of your pain.  Ultimately, allowing you to pave your own path to a happy life.

Why Choose Claire Bulman?

Claire Bulman is hailed as a highly accomplished coach and RTT therapist in London and Essex. With over many years of experience in her arsenal, Claire takes up her roles of responsibility with complete dedication.

She has managed teams within the UK and beyond helping emerging businesses streamline underperforming units. In fact, Claire has collaborated with several teams on how to develop more productive habits in the workplace, engage in positive conflict, and tackle professional challenges head-on.

Affirmative of her laudable skills is an MSc in Psychology. But it isn’t just technical skills that make Claire worthy of your choice. Rather, her empathetic perspective to understanding the client enables an immersive experience every single time.

Quick and lasting results

Increased self-awareness to foster inner satisfaction

An improvement in your quality of life