Why Me?

For the past twenty years I’ve worked in the finance and technology industry, implementing change and rebuilding teams worldwide.

Working with organisations such as:

  • PWC,
  • Lloyd’s of London,
  • AIG,
  • National Bank of Paris,
  • NZ and Australian Governments,
  • NZ military

Where I have delivered strategy, training and one-on-one coaching. My strength lies in my ability to get to the heart of an issue and empower individuals and teams to get results, giving real and lasting change.

Building Better Teams and Better People

For organisations the key is how to galvanise personnel and resources. To do this it is important to develop the following:

  1. A case for change.
  2. A compelling picture for the future. A connection to what the bigger goal is and hence to each other.
  3. The right environment for leaders to make change happen. Which means creating the right environment for the right behaviours to occur and sustaining this.
  4. A credible plan to execute

I am trusted because my clients know I find timely, practical solutions to target issues. And my techniques unblock what’s holding teams or individuals back, leading to successful transformations.

Training & Coaching for Wellbeing

To deliver wellbeing it is not just about rolling out services or gym memberships. It is about helping people connect in a way they know they matter. It’s about moving from where people address a job description to working with a leader who inspires and motivates them. By getting the team involved in management stops the ‘us and them’ scenario.

It’s about empowering your leaders and getting them to create more leaders. So when times become tough, or the pressure increases there are more people willing and able to do the job.

And how does that happen?

So it becomes something you do rather than something you talk about. It’s in your bones.

And by doing this you are making change and wellbeing sustainable. The sum becomes greater than the parts.

Our one-on-one and training sessions change perspectives at a deep level. Enabling individuals to breakthrough barriers adopting more positive behaviours.

No longer do you just manage, you thrive.

By helping you develop the right strategies with the right training or coaching, wellbeing will not be something you talk about, it will be something you live by.

“Every problem that we faced, Claire would find a way to solve it.”

Customer quote at National Bank of Paris

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