Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss—No Gimmicks & No Fad Diets

 Are you fed up with... 

  • Going on diets and then putting all the weight back on
  • Avoiding looking at your holiday snaps 
  • Having no control over your size and how much or what you eat
  • Comparing yourself to others and hating looking in the mirror
  • Don't think being your ideal size can ever happen to you
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RTT Therapist's Story: Hi, I'm Claire

Three years ago, I got out of shape. I was like a yo-yo. Losing weight, then putting it back on. Clothes were too tight. I felt uncomfortable and I couldn’t wear what I wanted. Often, I would delete holiday pictures of myself. By discovering the Marisa Peer technique, I found the answer. I went from a size 12 to a size 10 in just 6 weeks. There were no gimmicks, no crazy diets and no denying myself. The best thing - it was easy. By experiencing this transformation, I knew it must work for others and I began incorporating it into my work. 

Claire Bulman Hypnotherapist

How Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Weight & Shape?

Sometimes diet and exercise is just not the answer. There are so many myths out there are what you should do. And it becomes frustrating when you go from one diet to the next and find after denying yourself for weeks, you are back to the same old weight.

But dieting is not where the answer lies. The answer doesn't always lie in what you are eating. But in 'What's Eating You.' You see overeating and other eating issues are emotional issues. 

Now there is ample scientific research telling us how our mind is influenced by our thoughts. And given our subconscious is the root of allour beliefs and ideas, then changing our mind and thoughts is the best thing we can do.

 Think about it, how often do we upgrade our computers, cars, electronics or our partners? Yet when do we upgrade our own operating system... our minds.

 Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which incorporates hypnotherapy is a revolutionary method that can reprogramme your brain to alter feelings and associations related to food. Enabling you to have a healthy relationship with ifood. And as a result, have a healthy body at your ideal weight. Resulting in rapid and permanent change.  

What You Will Learn & Achieve

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It's Not What You Eat, But What's Eating You 88% of people that have eating problems and weight loss issues, have these problems because they ahve an emotional relationship with food. Understand what is eating you and change your body weight and shape.

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Low Fat, High Carb, Will Make & Keep You Fat Cutting calories and restricting the amount you eat not only fails to work long term but it actually encourages binging & cravings. Denying yourself does not work. Understand how you can change your mind to want the foods that are right for you.

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Break Your Habit of Over Eating Overeating is an emotional issue and can not be defeated by logic. Understand the type of eater you are and your triggers. And replace these with new positive habits, easily and effortlessly.

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Know the Right Diet & Exercise to Get Results Research shows between the ages of 30 and 60 you will lose approximately 60% of your muscle mass. Your muscle tissue burns 90% of the calories you burn on a daily basis. Lose muscle and you will most likely gain weight. Science has shown that aerobics and low calorie diets will cause you to lose even more muscle. Know what is the right exercise and diet for you and stop wasting time and energy.

“I came to Claire about a month ago for weight loss. At that time, I had recently gone through a shake diet whereby I did lose some weight, but I gained it all back on immediately after and felt very disappointed.  

I called Claire and a week into the hypnosis I had lost 2 kilos without really trying at all. That is, I ate whatever I felt like, and within a month I lost 5 kilos and am now I am my “dream weight” for the first time in my life! ”  

- Leah, Norway via Skype-

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