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You may have aspects of your life, which are working really well but in other areas maybe work, relationships, how you feel about yourself—aren’t so good. Or maybe you just can’t quite shift what is blocking you from being your best.

For many, performing better is a matter of working harder. Yet you may have experienced toiling for hours and hours without getting what you want. Maybe you have tried other things, but nothing has changed. And you continue wondering and repeating the same old habits year after year.

But imagine if you can find out what is actually stopping you from getting what you want?

What if you could find out exactly the root cause of your problem? And then make that change in a few sessions. Transforming both your professional and personal life?

And find you are free from:

  1. Worry about money, deadlines, presentations, unsupportive managers, pretty much most things.
  2. Having that nagging voice inside your head
  3. Trouble sleeping and lacking in energy
  4. 2nd guessing yourself and everyone around you

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Transformational Coaching (TC) gets to the root cause of your issue, stored in your subconscious. By clearing the subconscious blocks (which you may not be aware of), it creates new neural pathways in the brain so you change your thinking and behaviour. Directly accessing and fixing whatever blocks may be there. And this creates new ways of operating.

As a result, you are more invigorated because everything becomes easier because you are no longer getting in the way of yourself. Science has proven change doesn’t have to take years, months or even weeks.

Transformational Coaching Gets Results

Like my clients you too can have the following:

  • Greater opportunities and promotions at work
  • Better professional opportunities due to higher self-esteem
  • Greater happiness from freedom from stress and anxiety
  • Weight loss and elimination of destructive eating habits
  • Greater focus and better decision-making in personal and professional life
  • Conquer fears and phobias
  • Rapid recovery from pain and injuries

Because we’re not that different. Transformational Coaching (TC) gets to the root cause of any issue leaving you free from what has been blocking you in the past.

Coming from a professional city background I too know the stresses. But you can take steps to eliminate whatever is holding you back and get what you want and even more.

In the case of Daniel a VP of a finance firm in London who was having trouble transitioning to a new role where he had to sit on his Companies board. This was causing him sleepless nights and was starting to doubt himself. After all those years at the company, he started to question whether he was the right person for the promotion. And this was his response a month later.

I have seen a big difference in my interaction with my colleagues on that board that we discussed in my session. In the last meeting, they were far less defensive in dealing with my questions and they even thanked me for my advice. Which is a change from where we were at before I spoke with you?

Daniel, VP, Finance Industry, London

Or Virginia, a high earning city professional that came to me suffering from anxiety dreams. Rest is important for our mental well-being. If we’re not at our peak, then it is more difficult to feel good about ourselves and perform.

These started at a young age. And she was experiencing anxiety almost every night. In one session these subsided giving her a restful, peaceful sleep. And because she slept better, she got up earlier, went to the gym, and got into her best shape ever.

I have to tell you I am sleeping so much better now and my anxiety dreams have gone. Thank you!

Virginia A, Lawyer, London

It’s Fast & it Lasts

Learn how you can do this too by getting to the underlying reason for not getting what you want through this unique technique of Coaching. Together we can eliminate what has been holding you back. It can be changed over days, not weeks, months or even years. And I can help you accelerate that change.

Let’s start with a 20-minute call and see how we can work together.

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