I have felt an increasing confidence since our session and feel like I have really made peace with some of the things that happened as a child. 

I have been hyper aware at how I have been using food as comfort, but am not getting the same feeling of release when I consume sugar. My sugar cravings have diminished massively. And I just launched my first product recently, which I think reflects my level of confidence improving. Thank you so much for your work. 


All my life I have had issues regarding money – not being able to keep hold of it, not feeling comfortable asking for decent rates, wasting it on silly little things but feeling unable to spend on good quality items for myself. 5 weeks ago I had a hypnotherapy session with Claire to tackle these problems.  In one session Claire got to the root cause of the issue that had been plaguing my life for 35 years.
She enabled me to remove the deep-seated unconscious beliefs that were causing me to experience money problems.  Following the session, she gave me a personalised recording to play for 21 days.  5 weeks on and I have a new, positive attitude to money.  I no longer feel worried and stressed about asking clients to pay me decent rates for my services.  If you are thinking of using Claire I would absolutely recommend her.  

Andrea Dixon

Wales via Skype

"I came to Claire about a month ago for weightloss. At that time, I had recently gone through a shake diet whereby I did lose some weight, but I gained it all back on immediately after and felt very disappointed. I discovered that I was too emotionally attached to food and that the shake diet had made it worse. I was almost fearful to eat at all.

I called Claire and did a hypnosis with her to release my emotional attachment to eating and to programme my subconscious mind into letting go of the 5 kilos I felt were excessive on me. A week into the hypnosis I had lost 2 kilos without really trying at all. That is, I ate whatever I felt like, and within a month I lost 5 kilos and am now my "dream weight" for the first time in my life! Thank you Claire


Norway via Skype

"One simple thing Claire said and did changed our teenage son and family dynamic for the better, instantly." 


New Zealand via Skype

"Claire's genuine interest, intuition, and wonderful hypnotherapy helped me set off on the right track to self love, appreciation for myself, and as a byproduct- love for others. Long after my sessions, Claire was available and happy to answer questions I had about hypnotherapy, and encouraged me to keep in touch regarding my progress. She even took out her time to teach me the basics of self hypnosis, a life rocking tool! Thank you Claire for the work you have done with me and for continuing to be a source of information and encouragement in my life's journey!."


USA via Skype

"Claire is a brilliant, confident and  a skilled therapist. I came out of the session feeling like I love being me, feeling, knowing that I will effortlessly reach my full potential. Knowing that this potential is now growing beyond my imagination. Struggle seems far away, ease and positive energy is present. Thank you."


Switzerland via Skype

"For years I had anxiety dreams which caused me to wake at night. In one session you cleared it. Thanks to you Claire I now how uninterrupted sleep."



"I came to Claire because I was a very nervous trader. In a nutshell I feared losing money, I felt this way despite knowing all I needed to know to be a successful trader. But I really didn't trust I had the knowledge or confidence to deal with a trade going against me. Straight after the first session with Claire the nervousness disappeared, I am enjoying the trading and having fun with it. I am now on the way to achieving my dream of financial freedom because I am better able to control the nerves. Thank you Claire!"



"Claire, after one session with you my food craving has gone. It has been 2 months now since I saw you and there’s no sign of it coming back. I am losing weight and I feel so much better. I can’t thank you enough!"

Tina M

testimonial from Averil