Am I good enough? Is this a question you ask yourself? Like many others you may be considering what goals you are setting for this year. Job seeking may be at the top of your list. You may even have a particular job in mind. But there may be something stopping you from going ahead and one may be “Am I good enough?”

Am I good enough to do this new thing?

Am I worthy of the job?

Even if I did match the criteria there must be 000’s of others more qualified than me. In other words the job is not available to me. Sound familiar?

Through Marisa Peer and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) training, I’ve come to see and understand one of our greatest fears is many simply believe they are not “good enough”. When someone believes they cannot do something it is often because they do not feel good enough in themselves. Or that thing is unavailable to them. You can see others doing whatever it is you want to achieve but you think “I couldn’t do it.”

So where does that come from?

When did you start thinking that?

And are you prepared to stop thinking that?

What Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) helps you to do is to get to the root cause, and reason when and why you started thinking “I am not enough’. Why is this so important? You can get all the qualifications you want and put in all the hours of hard work. But when you do line up with all those others with equal qualifications or credentials, if you do not believe your are enough then you will be right. The things you want, health, wealth, relationships, that promotion you were after, these things will not be available to you.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

Happy People Claire Bulman

I had a client who was a VP of a very large bank. He raised millions for charity, yet he still didn’t think he was enough. He had taken on a new role and couldn’t articulate what  he was capable of. So in meetings he was not ‘showing up’. In one session we got to the core of the cause of this. It was an incident he had almost forgotten about when he was a teen. The relief brought him to tears. He contacted me a month later to say he had received positive feedback from the Chair of the Board as to his contributions.

So the answer to getting those things out there, that you want, is inside of you. And 90% of my clients, and it doesn’t matter what walk of life they are from,  all have the a similar issue. “I am not enough”.

And that’s crazy right. But here’s the rub, in two hours you can find out when you first started to believe that you weren’t good enough, and recognise its simply not true. And undoing a lot of pain and hurt you may have lived with for years.

Just change the mantra, or the thought. Start using “I am enough”, as your password use it as your phone screen saver. Say it to yourself everyday instead of whatever else you are calling yourself. Then watch the transformation.

The options are like yourself or not. Try it, what have you to lose?

If this rings true for you, get in touch for a free online therapy discussion to understand what is Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT and what it can do for you.