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Bringing Peace of Mind to Finding You & What You Love To Do

If you’re reading this you’ve probably got to ‘What’s the point’ in your career. You’re sick of your job and you’re looking to do something different, but have no idea what.  

The ‘9 to 5’ job wore off a long time ago but due to circumstances, you aren’t able to do anything about it. You’re feeling like you are just earning a living rather than actually living. Feeling stuck and unfulfilled all at once.  

Maybe you’ve gone from one job to another hoping you will find greater purpose, but only getting the same outcome, that sinking feeling, as its the same old after a few months.  

And there’s a big obstacle in your way…you don’t like your job but you can’t quit… because you don’t know what you want to do.

The even worse news…is on top of this…you are worried about failing…you don’t believe in yourself and your life just continues to plod along…and you are getting unhappier.  

You buy more self help books…they gather dust, along with you.

But guess what…there is an answer and it is inside you.  

Our study suggests that purpose in life may be one promising and novel upstream factor that serves as a target for improving not only mental health but physical function as well.  

Harvard School of Public Health October 2017 medical journal JAMA Psychiatry

How do I know? Well on top of finding out for myself and teaching others to do just the same.  

I worked for large corporations across the world and I thought there had to be more to life. I kept asking myself is this it? You see I became unhappy where I was. Sure I was earning a great income, and worked with some good people. But often I would think ‘What’s the point?’ It’s not like I’m a brain surgeon, saving lives. Really I was just decorating my prison. Creating a nice life.  

And every now and again I would just quit what I was doing and try and go and pursue what I loved to do. I say try, because it is more than just about doing what you love to….  

I was getting frustrated. I wanted something new. But I had no idea what I was passionate about…. And what if I did find out? Could I be successful? …What if I failed?...Doing what I love to do doesn’t happen to me…that only happens to others. Right? So all of this was running through my head.  

That’s when I started to understand what was stopping me. I started eliminating the self-doubt, the ‘I don’t know’, and creating space…working from the inside, out…putting aside all the stuff I had been taught…and realising me. That’s when it all began to happen.  

So I broke down the steps that I used to follow my purpose, and earning from what I love to do…freeing others to do the same.  

Here's What You'll Learn

No False Promises.

  • Discover what’s important to you to create clarity and direction in your life.
  • Do what you love not what you think you should be doing to have a more fulfilling career and life.
  • Proven success strategies that work from a scientific, spiritual or business perspective so you achieve your goals.
  • Understand how the mind works so you can recode your mind for what you want, not what you don’t want. 
  • Understand how you make sense of the world and store ideas and beliefs to breakthrough any old negative beliefs.
  • Recognise your blocks, getting to the root cause of your problem moving you forward in life.
  • Develop daily rituals enabling you to achieve doing what you love while transitioning.
  • Knowing what you want and how to get it. 
  • Stop the worrying, self doubt and 2nd guessing giving you more certainty and confidence in your life, work and relationships.
  • No filler.
  • No fluff.

The reality is a lot of people talk about finding their purpose. But they don’t know how to pass that onto others. This is not just about what you like to do, but what you can do and enjoy doing, by breaking through those things, those ideas and beliefs that are holding you back from becoming and having what you truly deserve.  

This is why I have made this blueprint. For each step, I’ll explain what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and why it’s important.  

You’ll get it all, boiled down as simple as possible, so you know exactly what to do with your life. 

But don’t call if you’re not willing to follow the steps!

Here's What You'll Get

Three different packages depending on your journey...

Stepping Out

  • 4 sessions at 1.5 hours each session 
  •  Includes 1 x RTT sessions  
  • Personalised recordings 
  • Includes email/text support 
  • Spread over 4 weeks 
  • Options skype or in person sessions 
  • Done for you templates


  • 6 sessions at 1.5 hours each session including 2 x RTT sessions if required. 
  • 3 x personalised recordings 
  • Includes email/text support 
  • Spread over 6 weeks 
  • Downloadable workbook 
  • Options skype or in person sessions
  • Done for you templates
  •  Accountability


  • 8 sessions at 1.5 hours each session including 3 x RTT sessions if required. 
  • Up to 5 personalised recordings Includes email/text support 
  • Spread over 8 weeks 
  • Downloadable workbook 
  • Options skype or in person sessions
  • Done for you templates 
  • Online video resources 
  • Accountability 
  • Roadmap  

Having a purpose in life appears to widely buffer against mortality risk across the adult years.

Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Rave Reviews

I had reached a point where I no longer knew where I belonged. I was in a desperately low position . I couldn’t make sense of myself or my position in this life.  

I am now in a place where I am no longer ruled by my past, no longer doubtful of my position in life. My confidence grows daily, my self esteem increases. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you Claire. What you have done is nothing short of miraculous, you have helped me to regain my very best self and have the confidence to move back into the life I have been struggling to fit into. My family and friends are aware if the changes in me and I know they are grateful too.

Fiona H, via Skype

All my life I have had issues regarding money – not being able to keep hold of it, not feeling comfortable asking for decent rates, wasting it on silly little things but feeling unable to spend on good quality items for myself. Claire enabled me to get to the root cause of the issue that had been plaguing my life for 35 years. She enabled me to remove the deep-seated unconscious beliefs that were causing me to experience money problems. I no longer feel worried and stressed about asking clients to pay me decent rates for my services. 

Andrea Dixon, Wales

This, without doubt, was one of, if not the, key core moments to turn my whole view of myself and my life around – thank you so much. I am now feeling better than I have for years. With deep gratitude.

Karen, London

Claire is a brilliant, confident and a skilled therapist. I came out of the session feeling like I love being me, feeling, knowing that I will effortlessly reach my full potential. Knowing that this potential is now growing beyond my imagination. Struggle seems far away, ease and positive energy is present. Thank you.

Dom, Switzerland via Skype

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