About Claire Bulman

Claire Bulman Rapid Transformational Coach

I work with individuals to breakthrough what is holding them back.

Corporate/Psychology Background

I have worked for large corporations in diverse places such as Panama, Tokyo, USA, Asia/Pacific and the UK. The common factor in my roles has been my ability to establish a connection with my client and achieve their desired outcome. Empowering them with the skills to perform under pressure. My background in psychology enables me to help high performance individuals create the mental skills to perform with excellence day in and day out.

Some people struggle with change. They don’t like it. Sometimes they don’t even think they should change. Others wait for a catastrophe and then they have no option but to seek help.

Case Study

One of my clients came to me after years of anger, he was in his fifties and just lost another job. Realising there was a pattern which kept reoccurring he reached out for help. He was bankrupt, his relationship had ended and he was out of work. He’d fallen into depression, because nothing was working and he was angry.

After working with me for one 2 hour session he realised why he reacted to certain things, and where all his anger had come from. Through the power of understanding where he had got the old ideas and beliefs about himself, he was about to see they were no longer working for him. Then together we instilled new positive beliefs from which he could operate from.

The client now no longer feels the extreme anger that he had. If he is ever upset, he calmly deals with the situation. He is happier in himself and now has a new purpose to life as he understands himself better. And he now knows how he can get what he wants in life.

I have been suffering from anxiety for well over 35 years, I had tried everybody from Tony Robbins, Joe Dispenza, and Judy May Murphy. I have tried all the self-hypnosis techniques and meditation, although these helped a little however the problem would come back.

I must admit I am absolutely elated with the results and feel like a brand new person, its been three weeks and I have not had an anxious moment and started to go to the gym and take greater care of myself. I cannot believe the change in my temperament and the way I conduct myself. I want to thank you, Claire, from the bottom of my heart for helping me achieve some peace in my life, its been so dark for so long. I must admit I was cynical when I went to Claire because of all the others I had tried and they hadn’t reaped anything in terms of results for me.

Claire was professional and caring from the start and kept in touch with me for the duration of the three weeks. I am in the process of writing my goals and changing the direction of my life something I hadn’t considered because of the awful anxiety I suffered from. I would definitely recommend Claire to anybody because I am proof that it works. Thank you once again. Peace and love

Muhammad Khan, London

Empowering You To Thrive

Whatever I as a therapist introduce, it needs to connect with the individuals involved. When that happens everyone is empowered. And that’s what I enjoy.
Empowering individuals to find out what you truly desire.
To do that together we;
  • Unblock whatever is holding you back
  • Connect you to you so you understand what drives and motivates you
  • Establish the next steps moving you forward.
It’s about discovery, unearthing and innovating. But most importantly it is about connecting with something or someone, and that makes it exciting.
Because connections are what make us human.

So if this strikes a chord with you— lets talk.

About Claire Bulman